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Two states, once connected, now divided into border, so divided the three top grades in the penultimate event of the World Cup.
Conclusion belonged to lift concrete spheres.
The weights were 150 kg, 150 kg, 170 kg and 190 kg. Slowly, he wears the traditional opening 130 kg ball.
According to the referee, secretary and chief executive organizing events had these balls among professional athletes do not, because for them, "light".
All four balls managed to pick up only one competitor.
This was an Austrian Gerald Scheele who had consolidated second place in the final evaluation. Behind him followed and finished third at the end of Baron.
Bottom line - the winner of the first ever World Cup in became Mateusz Baron, who from the beginning of the competition dictated the tempo. He showed one of his best performances and rightly deserved to lift the cup designated for the winner.
Second place was still to improving athletes from neighboring Austria, Gerald.
This young man came into the public consciousness on the sword which was organized last year in Trenching.
His form then tweaked the Sport festival again
 Third place after a hard fought battle racer which is still among the best in the power sports. From the Slovak strong men are best placed Peter that only one point remained for medal placement. Sixth place belonged to Igor which this season is among the best in Slovak.

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The fastest route set 20 meters walked to load again and created Baron so ahead of their pursuer
More strongly enforced Slovak competitor, participant SLC in China Peter, who took second place in the semi-final discipline. Third place went to veteran participants, Taro Mitt.
First final exam was a novelty for the competition organized by the Slovak. It was a rental, or possession of Hercules Hold. This was prepared for the ten finalists.
The primacy of not ensuring none other than the Polish strongman Baron, a young man, who also won the Arnold Amateur Strongman, showing incredible performances and even two final discipline he could not muster the primacy of the OC Templin World Strongman Cup 2013. Second place was again Slovak competitor, which was Igor Petri.
 This year one of the surprises of the season and proves that the third place in the Sword of 2013 was not only exceptionally bright moments of this long-standing and strongest representative of the Slovak strongman 2012 between Czechs and Slovaks.
The third place for the second time in a row belonged Taro Mitt.
As the penultimate discipline was towing truck
 Inequality terrain hampered conditions.
Furthest dragged 10tunové vehicle surprisingly lightweight finalist Bravo skirt.
Slovakia earned the winners discipline. The six-time title holder strongest Slovak returned after injury and even despite a huge effort to prove the best result was his falling out of rhythm training and competition struggles to know. Second place belonged freedom, third

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Second place belonged to the Czech strongman Freedoms (5 reps) and third place was awarded to constantly improving a heavy burden that was above the head of a total of 3 times.
So demanding action is not possible to organize without sponsors - in were partners of the event especially automakers, for which they were adapted to the discipline.
In the second place followed by lifting car axles, the dead lifts
 That was the winner of only one guy, and he's Polish Baron, who this at the very beginning of the event indicated that it is hungry for victory at the World Cup.
Its whopping 19 strokes was one of the gems of the second test forces World Cup. Only one repetition remained behind Gerald (18 reps), finished third Svoboda (16 reps).
A strong grip and quick feet were competitors for the task showcase during the third test of strength.
Running with the car torn calluses several even in this discipline sovereign gates skirt
In the remaining boarded struggle with injuries
Bring the car to the finish and raise the towing rear axle has managed only three of the participants. Primacy carved Scheele (43,63), succeeded him Baron (47 s), the trio added (57.01).
The last semi-final discipline was carrying a couple of suitcases 150 kg 300 kg and subsequently transferring the fence. Again challenging task to grips guys. Some injuries despite fought with gritted teeth for points in the final showdown. In the finals of the 14 athletes received only the ten best.

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The World cup of strong men
Sunday 18th August in the parking lot before the OC held its first event called OC World Strongman Cup, a World Cup of strong men, which we informed you in this article. Slovak Association organized it with the help of powerful men a VATAHA and.
 With diplomacy, President of the Central Federation of strong men Milan Gabriel to organize this event for viewers in Malice
Tribune, who were prepared for the audience, they were full
Approximately 4,000 spectators will be able to support one of the smartest and hardest races of the year, the Slovak Association prepared. Whistles took again an international judge and secretary Gaga, aided by Ukrainian Vladimir Pindus.
I start lines suggest that the battle for first place will be challenging, because it featured names like Mateusz Baron, Gerald Mitt, but also, for example, Igor skirt and Peter.
These world champions promised superior force experience for all fans. For the Cup Winners' led the way through the heavy seven disciplines.
Home discipline belonged, as it traditionally has been, shoulders. To warm up the muscles and body waiting for strongmen 135kilová steel timber.
 The challenge was to make the largest possible number of repetitions for up to one minute. Hot sunny weather trouble not facilitates any way.
The best way to cope with the conditions immediately trio of riders, and Mateusz Baron (winner of the Cup of the Slavs 2013), and Gerald (participant Strongman Champion League in China)
Consistently performed six repetitions and that was enough for victory in the opening event.

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One of the exceptions was the record holder in the dead lift Vince Urban, which is used to train only 2 - 3 times a week, keeps your volume to an absolute minimum and is so big and strong as most people do not even trainers in a dream not hope that it could one day be.
 Vince told me that he was very afraid to recover from workouts because I volume of work that you are doing so much increased!
In the next, the last part of the article we will look at specific training programs.
Original article: Strongman: A Complex Mathematical Problem
Competing for the Strongman competition
As the saying goes, Slovakia there will be an iron in the fire. He believes that Peter is at home shows and demonstrates the result that pleases.
On Saturday, two hours from the parking lot Atrium OC Optima Kosice - the most powerful men in the world at the event Strongman Champions League. All are welcome!
Thanks for an attractive and well-organized competition to Honda salad and his team and of course the sponsors who made the event a venue through which the best athletes taking home high financial rewards.
Great work traditionally done a moderator and praise they deserve viewers who, when it was needed, loudly able to appreciate the efforts of athletes and motivate them to exercise.
I hope that next year we will again offer coverage of the competition and keep it all racers complete whole - without injury!
Injured athletes and Dana, who had designs on a professional team, will have to wait another year.

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Week after week, month after month
Do not let your ego get carried away and let your training cycle training ruin, from which they are unable to recover.
 Think about the last time you were injured?
 It was probably in the last series, you should plan to do that day.
 If you do prefer a little less, you might have the following 2-3 months slowly improve, instead of to heal from injuries. Am I right?
Having a reserve in strength and energy when strongman training extremely important for one simple reason. Unlike Triathlon
Weightlifting or Strongman will not find in any standardized equipment.
Parameters disciplines so markedly different that your trained enough to the last detail engineering flipping tires, you will suddenly useless when it comes to other tire, which will have a different pattern, diameter, height, weight, center of gravity ...
 Half-ton mass of iron and rubber can suddenly become your nightmare, although you another just as severe tire "at home" with aplomb perverted dominant leader of a buffalo herd.
 In this case, it is better if you have good technique; you are brutally strong, in great shape and well rested than when you are tired of the perpetual effort of getting the perfect technique.
All in all, to build muscle and strength you need to give your body adequate stimulus and then relax and to supply it with nutrients. Train too much and the body is unable to recover.
Eat too little and not have to choose to grow. It's easy!
Most of the guys that I've coached complained about how much I reduced their training volume.

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When I was in college, I went out with a friend in the winter for a weekend in the mountains.
We skied all day from morning to evening like crazy, and when it started to get dark and cool, we were already completely exhausted.
We were not, but a pushover and we wanted to enjoy my money paid to the last penny, so we went for one last ride.
On that I dislocated aroma clavicle joint and rehabilitation I then took 6 weeks.
 The doctor said to me, that I will never go back to heavy training.
Fortunately, it was stupid and I was in the summer of 100% fine, but! Still it would be better if I did that day less than more.
You can always do a little more next workout, when it will have enough power.
Do not always "last series" may not be the best solution, even though you feel that it's the right, honest approach.
When I began working with Marshal White (participant World's Strongest Man in 2009 ), he told me that for him it was always an honor to train with anyone until you drop and trying to keep his job weights series for series until complete exhaustion.
This becomes the essence of many training cycles.
 Efforts to track to long-term improvement in months, but it become a competition for the toughest fighter of the day. This is a guaranteed way to stagnation.
The most powerful people on the planet have a plan and sticks to it.
They have a vision and slowly working to make it come true.