Thursday, 20 February 2014

Strong man weights - Best Muscle Building Program

Two states, once connected, now divided into border, so divided the three top grades in the penultimate event of the World Cup.
Conclusion belonged to lift concrete spheres.
The weights were 150 kg, 150 kg, 170 kg and 190 kg. Slowly, he wears the traditional opening 130 kg ball.
According to the referee, secretary and chief executive organizing events had these balls among professional athletes do not, because for them, "light".
All four balls managed to pick up only one competitor.
This was an Austrian Gerald Scheele who had consolidated second place in the final evaluation. Behind him followed and finished third at the end of Baron.
Bottom line - the winner of the first ever World Cup in became Mateusz Baron, who from the beginning of the competition dictated the tempo. He showed one of his best performances and rightly deserved to lift the cup designated for the winner.
Second place was still to improving athletes from neighboring Austria, Gerald.
This young man came into the public consciousness on the sword which was organized last year in Trenching.
His form then tweaked the Sport festival again
 Third place after a hard fought battle racer which is still among the best in the power sports. From the Slovak strong men are best placed Peter that only one point remained for medal placement. Sixth place belonged to Igor which this season is among the best in Slovak.

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