Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The World cup of strong men - Muscle Building Program

The World cup of strong men
Sunday 18th August in the parking lot before the OC held its first event called OC World Strongman Cup, a World Cup of strong men, which we informed you in this article. Slovak Association organized it with the help of powerful men a VATAHA and.
 With diplomacy, President of the Central Federation of strong men Milan Gabriel to organize this event for viewers in Malice
Tribune, who were prepared for the audience, they were full
Approximately 4,000 spectators will be able to support one of the smartest and hardest races of the year, the Slovak Association prepared. Whistles took again an international judge and secretary Gaga, aided by Ukrainian Vladimir Pindus.
I start lines suggest that the battle for first place will be challenging, because it featured names like Mateusz Baron, Gerald Mitt, but also, for example, Igor skirt and Peter.
These world champions promised superior force experience for all fans. For the Cup Winners' led the way through the heavy seven disciplines.
Home discipline belonged, as it traditionally has been, shoulders. To warm up the muscles and body waiting for strongmen 135kilová steel timber.
 The challenge was to make the largest possible number of repetitions for up to one minute. Hot sunny weather trouble not facilitates any way.
The best way to cope with the conditions immediately trio of riders, and Mateusz Baron (winner of the Cup of the Slavs 2013), and Gerald (participant Strongman Champion League in China)
Consistently performed six repetitions and that was enough for victory in the opening event.

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