Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Competing for the Strongman competition - Bodybuilding Program

One of the exceptions was the record holder in the dead lift Vince Urban, which is used to train only 2 - 3 times a week, keeps your volume to an absolute minimum and is so big and strong as most people do not even trainers in a dream not hope that it could one day be.
 Vince told me that he was very afraid to recover from workouts because I volume of work that you are doing so much increased!
In the next, the last part of the article we will look at specific training programs.
Original article: Strongman: A Complex Mathematical Problem
Competing for the Strongman competition
As the saying goes, Slovakia there will be an iron in the fire. He believes that Peter is at home shows and demonstrates the result that pleases.
On Saturday, two hours from the parking lot Atrium OC Optima Kosice - the most powerful men in the world at the event Strongman Champions League. All are welcome!
Thanks for an attractive and well-organized competition to Honda salad and his team and of course the sponsors who made the event a venue through which the best athletes taking home high financial rewards.
Great work traditionally done a moderator and praise they deserve viewers who, when it was needed, loudly able to appreciate the efforts of athletes and motivate them to exercise.
I hope that next year we will again offer coverage of the competition and keep it all racers complete whole - without injury!
Injured athletes and Dana, who had designs on a professional team, will have to wait another year.

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