Monday, 17 February 2014

Highest quality protein fractions for your muscles - Bodybuilding Program

Has the largest representation of whey protein isolated derived technology CFM (Cross Flow Microfiltration) and whey protein isolate obtained by ion exchange?
These two processes ensure the highest quality protein fractions, which can be obtained in similar products.
Whey protein isolate is characterized by rapid absorbency and immediate usability. This ensures delivery of amino acids to the first 3 hours after eating.
Ion exchange also guarantees the highest quality protein and high protein content in dry matter (98%), as well as valuable primary fractions: beta-lacto globulin, alpha-lacto globulin, serum albumin, immunoglobulin, Glycol macro peptide, and lacto ferine, lacto peroxides
To ensure a gradual delivery of amino acids in the body, we must use a protein source that is very slowly absorbable.
Amino star CFM Night Effective Proteins containing a high percentage of slowly absorbable casein, which is represented as calcium casein ate.
casein ate Now this is the essence of night supplemented his digestibility reaches 100%, but the length of absorption is up to 7 hours.
Casein ate and covers the whole night fasting!
Contribute not only to regenerate muscle in his sleep, but especially to maintain and support the anabolic processes that are essential for muscle growth.
Casein is, according to recent studies also suitable for post-workout supplementation, when combined with whey protein (isolate) enhances the anabolic response of the organism The CFM Night Effective Protein are also egg albumin proteins whose biological value reaches 100 numbers

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