Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Some of the exercises difficult to flatten the muscles - scle Building Program For womens

In this article, we learn some of the difficult exercises performed by men in order to get the muscles tight and lean body, and thus the appearance of views and elegant:
Rotation on the hands: Put both feet on the fixed seat, then put your hand on the ground down them with all your upper body, without dropping the thighs or move your feet, and then walk on your hand a semi-circle around the seat, repeat this process 4 times and rest 60 seconds between each time and other. http://www.muscleseek.com/Tug up on the chest: Bring rope rubber Short Put a party down to you, and then lie down on your back, and pulled the rope to the chest area, and then pulled the rope up, repeat this process four times each time 15 several, and between each group and the other get comfortable 4.5 again.
Tug of war and you are the one your sides: Lie on a straight sides, provided that the uniqueness of the knees well, then pull the rope from the pulley on the chest, the two sets of this exercise 15 times, rest 60 seconds between first and second group.
Walk on the ball: Bring a ball, stop them, taking your hands on the ground straight up so that your head at the ankles, without bend your knees, and then move the ball behind your feet that set your body straight up, then go back again straight also, repeat this exercise three groups, each 15 times, rest between each set 45 seconds.

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