Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Recipes for bodybuilders - Best Muscle Building Program

Eggs     3.8     1.0
Fishes     3.6     1.0 Cow's milk     3.1     1.0 Whey     3.0    1.0
Beef    2.9     0.91 Casein     2.8     1.0 Soy protein (isolate)     2.1     1.0
Soybeans     2.1    0.92
Wheat     1.5     0.42
When and why to include casein?
What are the differences between casein and whey?
 Casein stimulates muscle protein synthesis, although weaker than whey, but it strongly blocks the breakdown of muscle protein after exercise.  http://www.muscleseek.com/
Casein breakdown of muscle proteins thus hinder rather, while whey their formation and stimulates growth.
Casein is the major protein in the mammalian milk. In cow's milk usually constitute about 80% of all milk protein contains a relatively high proportion of protein organic nonessential amino acids praline and other amino acids poorly soluble in water.
In the manufacture of milk after coagulation of casein must first technologically separated from the whey.
The precipitated casein was then converted to a soluble form of sintering with lye at a high or alkaline phi Casein is thus produced from the milk, respectively.
From the curd and the market supplement may come in three forms as casein ate (calcium, sodium or potassium), the micelle casein , which is admittedly less soluble in liquids than casein, but it is digested more slowly and rapidly absorbable casein hydrolyzed .

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