Thursday, 20 February 2014

Strongman and power lifting championship - Muscle Building Program For womens

Second place belonged to the Czech strongman Freedoms (5 reps) and third place was awarded to constantly improving a heavy burden that was above the head of a total of 3 times.
So demanding action is not possible to organize without sponsors - in were partners of the event especially automakers, for which they were adapted to the discipline.
In the second place followed by lifting car axles, the dead lifts
 That was the winner of only one guy, and he's Polish Baron, who this at the very beginning of the event indicated that it is hungry for victory at the World Cup.
Its whopping 19 strokes was one of the gems of the second test forces World Cup. Only one repetition remained behind Gerald (18 reps), finished third Svoboda (16 reps).
A strong grip and quick feet were competitors for the task showcase during the third test of strength.
Running with the car torn calluses several even in this discipline sovereign gates skirt
In the remaining boarded struggle with injuries
Bring the car to the finish and raise the towing rear axle has managed only three of the participants. Primacy carved Scheele (43,63), succeeded him Baron (47 s), the trio added (57.01).
The last semi-final discipline was carrying a couple of suitcases 150 kg 300 kg and subsequently transferring the fence. Again challenging task to grips guys. Some injuries despite fought with gritted teeth for points in the final showdown. In the finals of the 14 athletes received only the ten best.

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