Thursday, 20 February 2014

Strongman competitor - Best Muscle Building Program

The fastest route set 20 meters walked to load again and created Baron so ahead of their pursuer
More strongly enforced Slovak competitor, participant SLC in China Peter, who took second place in the semi-final discipline. Third place went to veteran participants, Taro Mitt.
First final exam was a novelty for the competition organized by the Slovak. It was a rental, or possession of Hercules Hold. This was prepared for the ten finalists.
The primacy of not ensuring none other than the Polish strongman Baron, a young man, who also won the Arnold Amateur Strongman, showing incredible performances and even two final discipline he could not muster the primacy of the OC Templin World Strongman Cup 2013. Second place was again Slovak competitor, which was Igor Petri.
 This year one of the surprises of the season and proves that the third place in the Sword of 2013 was not only exceptionally bright moments of this long-standing and strongest representative of the Slovak strongman 2012 between Czechs and Slovaks.
The third place for the second time in a row belonged Taro Mitt.
As the penultimate discipline was towing truck
 Inequality terrain hampered conditions.
Furthest dragged 10tunové vehicle surprisingly lightweight finalist Bravo skirt.
Slovakia earned the winners discipline. The six-time title holder strongest Slovak returned after injury and even despite a huge effort to prove the best result was his falling out of rhythm training and competition struggles to know. Second place belonged freedom, third

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