Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Power lifting improvements - Latest Muscle Seek Program

When I was in college, I went out with a friend in the winter for a weekend in the mountains.
We skied all day from morning to evening like crazy, and when it started to get dark and cool, we were already completely exhausted.
We were not, but a pushover and we wanted to enjoy my money paid to the last penny, so we went for one last ride.
On that I dislocated aroma clavicle joint and rehabilitation I then took 6 weeks.
 The doctor said to me, that I will never go back to heavy training.
Fortunately, it was stupid and I was in the summer of 100% fine, but! Still it would be better if I did that day less than more.
You can always do a little more next workout, when it will have enough power.
Do not always "last series" may not be the best solution, even though you feel that it's the right, honest approach.
When I began working with Marshal White (participant World's Strongest Man in 2009 ), he told me that for him it was always an honor to train with anyone until you drop and trying to keep his job weights series for series until complete exhaustion.
This becomes the essence of many training cycles.
 Efforts to track to long-term improvement in months, but it become a competition for the toughest fighter of the day. This is a guaranteed way to stagnation.
The most powerful people on the planet have a plan and sticks to it.
They have a vision and slowly working to make it come true.

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