Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Info about Fitness Protein - Muscle Building Program Review

Recipes for mash Fitness Protein

It's been a little over a month when we announced a contest for recipes for product PROM-IN - porridge Fitness Protein Mash.

Have you tried it and engage you in our contest?

The winners have already been contacted, have already sent the prizes. You do not have any personally your recipe and would like to inspire culinary arts other readers?

We have chosen to do.

From the moment we announced the contest, you showed their own creations, the editors gathered a few dozen of your recipes.

 Some were simple, others have for savvy cooks, no doubt, however, that all tasted great as the centerpiece of any culinary arts. Of all the contributions received, we selected the best that we can offer you for viewing below.



Ingredients: 200 ml soy milk, Fitness Protein Mash, 6 prunes without stones, a pinch of cinnamon. Preparation: Milk and prunes to boil and then gradually stirring slurry until the desired density, and further 2-3 minutes simmer. Then remove from the heat, sprinkle with cinnamon and a mixer blender rod. It is best to serve porridge still warm.


Milan Sideman Pancakes: 100 g Protein Fitness Mash, 2 eggs, 200 ml milk (skimmed / milk), 250 grams of cheese, 50 g of any protein. Fitness porridge pours over the milk, eggs and we put the whole thing in a mixer finely.

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