Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Best protein for the best bodybuilders - Muscle Building Program For womens

Protein nature of the substances are absorbed fastest short amino acids and short peptides, while the long chains of protein in the absorption depends not only on their length, but also on the construction and structure , i.e., the positions and strength of the so-called peptide bonds. http://www.muscleseek.com/
Whey and casein consist practically of the same amino acid, but these are different for each protein sources are grouped differently, and in another ratio.
Whey vs. casein: what are the differences?
The whey is believed that after its submission, there is a rapid increase in blood levels of amino acids, followed by a gradual decline.
Upon receipt of the casein into the body is determined by a gradual increase in the blood concentration of amino acids, which then remains within about seven hours almost constant.
After ingestion of the case in protein cocktail with body renewing about half slower than after ingestion of the whey beverages, so that their recovery process takes longer
 This feature is not just for special casein if you want to add.
See what the site has casein in the table that separates proteins according to two scales scientifically justified usability:
PER = ratio of activity of the protein (Protein Efficiency Ratio), weight gain / weight proteins adopted, thus the efficiency of protein as measured by weight gain of mice.
PDCAAS = absorbable protein by amino acid composition, the ideal value is 1
Protein source    PER     PDCAAS

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